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Maharaja Whiteline GS-100 1600W Garment Steamer

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A Stylish Garment Steamer, The Maharaja Whiteline Preciso Is A Revolutionary Home Appliance. It Is Ideal For All The Fabrics Including Your Garments, Curtains And Upholstery.

Design & Performance: The GS100 Garment Steamer Is Compactly Designed And Comes With An Ergonomic Handle. It Is Capable Of A Powerful Steam Output Which Gently Yet Effectively Removes Wrinkles And Creases.

Functions: Extremely Gentle On All Fabrics, This Easy-To Use Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer Is Ready In 2 Minutes To Perfectly Iron Your Clothes. It Comes With 5 Attachments For Your Various Garment Care Needs. Apart From Removing Wrinkles, This Garment Steamer Removes Odors And Sanitizes Your Clothes.

Door Hook: Steaming Is Easier If The Clothes Are Hung. The Enclosed Clothes Hook Is Easy To Use And Can Be Conveniently Fixed To The Door. Take Your Clothes Out On A Hanger, Place On The Door Hook And Begin.

Fabric Brush: The Fabric Brush Opens Up The Weaving Of The Fabric For Better Steam Penetration. Attach The Fabric Brush To The Steam Head. Gently Brush The Area To Be Steamed. The Fabric Brush Can Be Used On Linen Shirts, Silk Sarees, Party Dresses And Other Garments.

Crease Attachment: The Crease Attachment Allows You To Make Perfect Creases Easily. Fasten The Crease Attachment To The Face Of The Steam Head. Place Your Fabric Between The Crease Attachment. Move The Crease Attachment In A Downward Motion Starting From The Top. And See How Simple It Is To Achieve Perfect, Crisp Creases On Trousers, Shirts, School Uniforms And Patiala Salwars.

Upholstery Brush: The Upholstery Brush Is Used To Aid Steam Penetration In Difficult And Heavy Fabrics Like Curtains, Sofa Covers, Table Covers And Bed Spreads For Faster Results. Attach The Upholstery Brush To The Steam Head And Gently Brush The Area To Be Steamed.

Lint Pad: The Lint Pad Removes Hair, Lint And Animal Fur To Give A Professional Finish. The Lint Pad Is A Separate Accessory And Cannot Be Attached To The Steam Head. To Use The Lint Pad, Brush The Fabric In One Direction.

Comfort & Safety: The Integrated Cord Gives You Enough Freedom To Move Around For Comfortable Ironing. The Compact Design Of The Iron Makes It Easy To Store It Anywhere Without Taking Much Space. There Is No Risk Of Burning Your Fabrics With This Garment Steamer.


  • Powerful Vertical Steam, Sanitize And Remove Odor
  • Full Home Solution With 5 Attachments
  • Fabric Brush, Upholstery Brush, Lint Pad, Door Hook And Crease Attachment
  • Ready In 2 Minutes And Compact Design Large Steam Head
  • Continous And Easy Refill And Integrated Cord Storage