Calix 3 Burners Manual Gas Stove

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Toughened Glass-Top Gas Stove Packed with Features Combining elegant looks with a smart design and long-lasting durability, the Calix 3-burner gas stove with toughened glass top is an ideal solution for your kitchen. Featuring highly heat resistant 7mm toughened glass top, you can cook a large variety of dishes including curries, rotis, rice, sabzis and more with relative ease. Its ultra slim design with black finish helps in enriching the kitchen décor and its compact helps save valuable kitchen space while providing the perfect cooking solution. Highly Efficient Function for Everyday Use Featuring two 100% brass burners with tri-pin design, the gas stove is highly efficient and helps in saving gas, thus resulting in monetary savings. The ergonomically designed knobs are easy to use and feature a black powder coating that protects it from daily wear and tear. The spill-resistant design of the glass top makes it ideal for cooking curries, gravies, soups and other liquid food items without worrying about spills and stains. The pan supports provide perfect stability to your pots and pans, further enhancing the cooking experience. Made from High Quality Materials, Built to Last The gas stove features a high quality stainless steel body that makes it highly durable for everyday use. The glass top is both toughened and heat resistant and can be used with heavy pots and pans as well. This glass top also makes maintenance an easy task as you simply need to clean it with a damp cloth.