Master Family Pressure Cooker Combo Set of 2L Pan, 3L & 5L Induction Base with Common Lid (Set of 3)

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Product description

  • Stainless Steel vent tube - long life, No chrome plating & No risk of Food contamination
  • Ergonomic user friendly handle for better and safe gripping
  • Induction Bottom cooker
  • Warranty: 5 Years of product warranty | ISI certified Product
  • Metallic safety plug and gasket release system for peace of mind

Master Prefect Pressure cooker is the ideal pressure cooker for fast and energy efficient cooking. This product is loaded with features and is on par with international standards. The Stainless Steel Weight And Vent Tube assembly ensures durability; the Gasket Release System ensures safety while cooking, the Bakelite Handle with Flame Guard ensures smooth handling, the Anti Bulging Base with ETRS prevents the MASTER pressure cooker from becoming concave and retains its flatness in the bottom and the ETRS helps in faster cooking by creating more surface area on the bottom, the foodgrade Rubber Gasket makes cooking healthier, the Lead Free Safety Valve ensures that there is no contact of the food with poisonous lead content which is there in other pressure cookers.

Country Of Origin : India